AD200Pro Battery works with AD300Pro

Did you know that your AD200pro battery WB29 fits nicely in AD300Pro and works perfectly, and AD300Pro battery WB300P still works with AD200Pro but doesn't quite fit nicely. That means AD300Pro and AD200Pro can still be a good work pair for location job.        

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How small Godox AD300Pro is?

Godox AD300Pro VS AD200Pro size comparison.Godox AD300Pro is Godox's newest portable flash,compact and light weight yet powerful enough for most outdoor portrait photography jobs, but how small acutally it is when we compare with robust and trusty AD200Pro...

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Godox MS300 Tutorial Video

If you are on the market looking for Great Compact Studio Flash at reasonable price, or wanting to know how to operate new Godox MS300 Studio Flash, this is a Video you don’t want to miss. In this Video, David has got you covered; - Unboxing of MS300...

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Godox MS300 Vs V860II

Size Comparison of( MS300 Compact 300Watts Studio Flash ) Vs ( V860/850/TT685 x 4pcs )Price Comparison;$175 Vs $1120 ( $280x4 )Power Output Comparison;300Watts Vs 300Watts ( 75Wattsx4 )Recycle Time Comparison;1.8s Vs 1.5sSo, if we are shooting indoor, in own home studio,MS300 is a better choice in terms of...

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